The Skyline League is an exclusive Out of the Park online baseball league.

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The Skyline Baseball League is a fictional take on the real-life MLB

There are a few differences. The main difference is that the major league is not split up into 2 distinct leagues, but rather 4 regionally aligned divisions.

Because of this, the playoff format is different; the best 3 teams in each division make the playoffs. Teams 2 and 3 will play a series while the #1 seeds have a bye. Then the winner will play their division's #1. You must make it through your division before you can face teams from other divisions in the playoffs.

The season is 156 game with 12 games against each member in your division and a 3 game series against every other team.

The league was founded in 1980 and has operated continuously up until now, 2017. We simmed 20 years and then the human GM's took over. We did this because it gives the league an identity right from the start. There are no 30 year old players with no history. Secondly, you can use the history to properly evaluate the league environment. Instead of waiting 5 seasons and several months real-time, you can immediately see how things stack up. Sometimes with new leagues, things don't play out the way you planned. This file has been perfected through trial and error and it's completely ready to go with no changes needed.

  • Arizona Diamondbacks

    Arizona Diamondbacks

    General Manager - Zach Miller

    Miller was the White Sox GM from 2002-2019. He took over the D-Backs in 2019 and has been building a solid core to compete in the Pacific division. Miller is one half of the Skyline duo "Zach & Rippo", the leagues top comedy team.

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  • Atlanta Braves

    Atlanta Braves

    General Manager - Davis Rich

    D-Rich joined Skyline at the start of season 2 and can talk SKY baseball with you all day long. The Braves are highly regarded around the league and seem to make the playoffs every single year. It's just a matter of time before the Braves win their first title. D-Rich is a regular on the Skyline Baseball Podcast.

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  • Baltimore Orioles

    Baltimore Orioles

    General Manager - Jon Pearson

    JP is a Skyline powerhouse. He has managed the O's since 2003 and has taken home three Skyline titles along the way.

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  • Boston Red Sox

    Boston Red Sox

    General Manager - David Everitt

    Everitt joined the league after the 2000 season and the Bo Sox have always been in great hands. Everitt owns a custom Strato-o-Matic 2001 Red Sox team set, and also sports an Esteban Bermeo Sox jersey around town.

    Team statistics

  • California Angels

    California Angels

    General Manager - Jake Speller

    Speller's Angels are always at the top of the standings. He loves to take on the bad-guy persona, and while everyone is bashing his trades, Speller is helping run the best league around. From #skytrivia to live streaming play by play during the playoffs, to hosting the Skyline Baseball Podcast, Speller is a very important member of the SKY community and is what sets us apart from the rest. He has won a single title in 2013.

    Team statistics

  • Chicago Cubs

    Chicago Cubs

    General Manager - Ryan G.

    Ryan took over the Cubbies in 2012 and had a lot of salary on the books. He's has kept the team competitive with not a lot of extra money. He has been biding his time until his youngsters are ready and the team has some money to spend. It should be coming together soon for the upstart Cubs.

    Team statistics

  • Chicago White Sox

    Chicago White Sox

    General Manager - Sky Dejardins

    Sky was the Twins GM from 2001-2019 and took over the Sox in 2019. The Sox took a bit to get going but keep improving under Sly and are close to breaking through to the next level.

    Team statistics

  • Cincinnati Reds

    Cincinnati Reds

    General Manager - Zeus Lunari

    Zeus took over the Reds in 2024. He has been a great addition to the league and the Reds are showing signs of starting to be a serious contender in the Atlantic.

    Team statistics

  • Cleveland Indians

    Cleveland Indians

    General Manager - Grayson Carlyle

    Grayson joined the league in 2001 and is one of the quieter GM's. Not a lot of trading. Not a lot of Slack chatter. About the only thing there is a lot of is playoff games, and the Indians are very familiar with those.

    Team statistics

  • Colorado Rockies

    Colorado Rockies

    General Manager - Adam Kiefer

    Kiefer came into the league in 2001 as the Yankees GM. That lasted a couple sims before he moved to Denver. It was the best decision the organization made, as the Rockies have been a Central Division powerhouse. The only thing missing from Kiefer's resume is that elusive SKY series title.

    Team statistics

  • Detroit Tigers

    Detroit Tigers

    General Manager - Tyler Morris

    Morris has been the GM of the Tigers since 2019. He is not afraid to make a trade, and is always looking for his team to compete. The Tigers are always a tough out under the leadership of Morris.

    Team statistics

  • Houston Astros

    Houston Astros

    General Manager - Sterling Simpson

    Sterling joined the SKY in 2002 as GM of the 'Stros and is known as a man who likes draft picks and playoff games. Houston's 2012 SKY Series trophy is the highlight of a very tough Houston side who is always there in October when the stakes are higher.

    Team statistics

  • Kansas City Royals

    Kansas City Royals

    General Manager - Matt Kramer

    While there are many GM's who love to make trades, some would say that Matt Kramers livelyhood depends on it. Matt probably makes more trades in one season then most GM's do in their entire careers. While you are reading this, Matt has just made another trade. The Royals are always tough, and you never know what kind of lineup you'll be facing. Matt has a system and always sticks to it. Perform poorly, and you're gone. Perform well..... you are also gone.

    Team statistics

  • Las Vegas Knights

    Las Vegas Knights

    General Manager - Dan Frank

    Vegas Dan took over in 2011 and took a pretty bad Vegas side and turned them into a very good squad. They have built a solid young core and are looking to make some playoff noise in the near future. Dan can sometimes be seen in the booth during the playoffs along side Jake as they broadcast live on Twitch.

    Team statistics

  • Los Angeles Dodgers

    Los Angeles Dodgers

    General Manager - Michael Kadis

    Kadis has led the Dodgers from the start of the human era in 2000. The Dodgers are playoff main-stay and won the Skyline Series in 2009. The team had a perfect 15-0 playoff record.

    Team statistics

  • Miami Marlins

    Miami Marlins

    General Manager - Sam Aaron

    "SaMiami" took over a Marlins team in serious trouble in 2025 and is slowly pulling back to the surface with some nice trades and some smart FA signings. He recently bought a home in North Miami Beach and is in for the long haul.

    Team statistics

  • Milwaukee Brewers

    Milwaukee Brewers

    General Manager - Andrew Simpson

    Simpsons Brewers are usually built on hitting for average, speed, and solid defense. These philosophies have produced many playoff games for the Brew Crew. Simpson is still looking for that title, but he is a great GM who always has his team in the mix at the end of the season.

    Team statistics

  • Minnesota Twins

    Minnesota Twins

    General Manager - Chris Rippentop

    Rippo took over the Twins in 2019 and has made sure there is never a dull moment in the league chat. His Twins have a bright future. Rippo is one half of the Skyline duo "Zach & Rippo", the leagues top comedy team.

    Team statistics

  • Montreal Expos

    Montreal Expos

    General Manager - Jaymo Jangles

    Jangles is a personality like no other. One thing is for certain though, he is a top GM who can turn around a team in a couple of seasons. The Expos are always competing in the North since Jangles took over in 2008. He is a SKY original GM who took a short break after controlling the Blue Jays for 3 seasons.

    Team statistics

  • New York Mets

    New York Mets

    General Manager - Brandon Starkweather

    Brandon took control of the Mets towards the end of our first season and there was no looking back. The Mets are regarded as one of the most successful SKY teams around. 3 titles and a yearly contender, the Mets are always fighting for top spot in the North.

    Team statistics

  • New York Yankees

    New York Yankees

    General Manager - Steve Higgins

    Higgs was the Cubs GM from 2002-2011. He won the SKY series with the Cubbies in 2011, and then prompty left for New York to take over his hometown Yankees. The Bronx Bombers were in tough shape and Higgins has had a blast rebuilding and taking them where every Yankee fan knows they belong; the playoffs.

    Team statistics

  • Oakland Athletics

    Oakland Athletics

    General Manager - Andy Cross

    Andy joined in the opening SKY season as the White Sox. He moved to Oakland in the 2002 season and he has had a tough chore building a squad with the smallest fan-base, budget, payroll, you name it, in the league. Everything has been coming together lately as the A's are looking to win their first Pacific Division title and make the playoff for the first time in team history.

    Team statistics

  • Philadelphia Phillies

    Philadelphia Phillies

    General Manager - Trent Snider

    Snider took over the Phillies late in the opening season and is the league's minor league expert. He is a regular on the Skyline Baseball Podcast, and also takes care of minor league relocation requests. In other words, Trent is a very important member of the SKY community. His Phils magical run to the SKY Series in 2011 was a highlight for Snider. #skyminors is awaiting the next report!!

    Team statistics

  • Pittsburgh Pirates

    Pittsburgh Pirates

    General Manager - Jason Tarlo

    Tarlo is a two-time SKY Champion. He joined the league early in the 2006 preseason and has had the Pirates in contention for most of his tenure. Tarlo is occasionally heard on the Skyline Baseball Podcast.

    Team statistics

  • San Diego Padres

    San Diego Padres

    General Manager - Ben Wozniak

    "Bendiego" took over the toughest task in SKY in 2012 and that was the San Diego Padres. A team left for the ruins, Ben came in and has been patient and methodical in his apporoach to getting the Pads on the right track and the team is looking incredible for the first time in their history. Wozniak is an OOTP vet and it shows big time in his squad. Ben is an actual original SKY member and was the Brewers first GM for a very short period before taking a hiatus from the league.

    Team statistics

  • San Francisco Giants

    San Francisco Giants

    General Manager - Matt Carlisle

    SF Matt has been the Giants GM since the start of the 2002 season. The Giants have had their ups and downs, but they are always a tough squad to deal with. A tough Pacific Division has maybe limited their playoff appearances, but a new rebuild is underway there, and the Giants hope to emulate teams like the Padres and Athletics and take their turn representing the Pacific in the SKY Series.

    Team statistics

  • Seattle Mariners

    Seattle Mariners

    General Manager - Dustin Hulbrock

    Dustin was the original Angels GM for the first 2 months of the opening season, and jumped at the chance to take over the Mariners, his hometown team. Luckily for the M's, they got one of the best GM's in the game. Seattle is syonymous with greatness, and the M's find themselves in the postseason year after year. Two SKY titles live in Seattle and while Hulbrock takes a lot of heat in chat for constantly winning, everyone respects him as one of the best GM's around.

    Team statistics

  • St. Louis Cardinals

    St. Louis Cardinals

    General Manager - Tyler Smalley

    Smalley took over the Cards in 2023 and has quickly turned them into one of the bright young teams in the league. Some great trades have set the Cards up for the next decade. Playoff baseball is right around the corner for the Cards.

    Team statistics

  • Texas Rangers

    Texas Rangers

    General Manager - Matt Lenz

    Lenz is the long time Rangers GM taking over in 2002 and is known for putting together some interesting pitching rotations and strategies. The Rangers have been close to being great, but they have never taken that full leap to the next level. This latest Rangers team looks like they will be making a lot of noise for many years to come.

    Team statistics

  • Toronto Blue Jays

    Toronto Blue Jays

    General Manager - Amin Liaghati

    Amin joined the SKY in 2003 as the Orioles GM. The Jays opened up that same season and Liaghti bolted to take over his hometown team. He loves to stack picks and has his team in the playoffs yearly. The Jays have made one SKY Series, and are the odds on favourite to take home their first title pretty soon.

    Team statistics

  • Virginia Black Bears

    Virginia Black Bears

    General Manager - Alberto Luque

    Alberto is an original, joining the league within two sims as the Tampa Bay Rays GM. He orchastrated a move to Richmond Virginia as the team struggled with a new stadium deal in the city of Tampa. The move has been great. Richmond has embraced the team and the Black Bears are looking very strong these days in a tough Atlantic Division.

    Team statistics

  • Washington Nationals

    Washington Nationals

    General Manager - Scott Loehring

    Loehring was the Diamondbacks from 2009 - 2019. He made the jump to the Atlantic in 2019 and has been at the helm of the Nats ever since. "Fritzy" helps run the league Scabcast where GM's get together to talk SKY.

    Team statistics

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Rules Unique to Skyline

The Skyline Leauge and most OOTP online leagues will follow the MLB ruleset as a baseline. Most will then tweak them to their liking. Our unique SKY rules are listed here.

  • OOTP Version : 2020 (we upgrade during the summer sale yearly to the most current version)
  • Players : Fictional
  • Teams : 32 total, 4 divisions of 8 teams
  • Export Days : Daily; export deadlines are 12pm ET during the week, 7am ET on the weekends
  • League time per sim : 7 days (there are longer sims in the offseason)
  • Season Length : 156 games
  • Current Season : 2017
  • Unique League Rules & Settings : No Overall/Potential Stars, 20-80 scale, budget is based off revenue, scouting/coaches on, equal media revenue, playoff structure, StatsPlus enhanced league, Slack is required as the communications platform